Edition du Lic 2017 - SOLD OUT
Published by Editions du Lic in association w/ Galerie Madé, Paris - SOLD OUT
550 copies - 32 pages -16.0 cm x 24.0 cm - Hot foil embossed laminated Softcover - Offset printing
Éditions du LIC - ISBN 978-82-93341-21-5

Self Published - SOLD OUT

"A delightfully effervescent musing on the hallucinatory nature of the lurid and synthetic nature of the colors that surround us in modern life. The book is sequenced in witty juxtapositions."

Greg Hobson, Curator of photographs at the National Media Museum, London

The book ends with this sentence, “The appearance of a scenery, hallucinated word.”
Plastic Colors intends to open up and to lead you on a path where the world, its scenery and everyday objects and simulacra connect.

Plastic Colors has been short-listed for the 2015 First book Award, Mack.

All images of the book © MACKBOOKS