Plastic Colors

2014 - 2017

Plastic Colors leads you through a look alike scenery on a hallucinated path.

"French artist Marguerite Bornhauser's photographs are "a spontaneous exploration of the world." In her recent series Plastic Colors, Bornhauser has deftly captured the many synthetic textures of today's world. In her photographs, hues are unnaturally vivid and the juxtapositions among them are quite bold. Her eye gravitates toward textured surfaces, and her camera's flash serves to highlight the material characteristics of what she photographs. There's the cool metal gleam of a lime-green hand truck parked next to a bright-red wall; the slick and nubbly surfaces of train's laminate-paneled wall and fabric-covered seats; or the crinkled clothes of her human subjects. When people appear in these images, they're often seen in fragments. Bornhauser moves in close to her subjects, which speaks of both her innate curiosity and the surprising intimacy of everyday encounters on the street. "I capture the visible surface of a situation in a given location," she writes. "I believe in the evocative power of surfaces."

2015 Brian Sholis, Curator of photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum, USA

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